Our Vision

In the tide of churches longing to grow bigger, to offer a variety of services, and wanting to become One-stop-religious-shops, our goal has been very simple: to be a community that really worships Jesus, that really sees lives transformed, and really supports one another.

We’ve all experienced religious settings where it simply left us longing for more, without knowing where to find it.  Our vision is creating a community where people really feel like they belong, where they can really experience Jesus, and where people are given opportunities to use their God given talents and abilities in a real, impacting way.  In all honesty, we are much more concerned with what God is doing on their insides than what they look like on the outside.  We are much more attentive to answering the questions that people bring rather than pretending we all have it together.  We all have pasts, we’ve all made mistakes, and some of us are really hurting; but we KNOW God is great and can do great things, because we’ve seen him do it.

We are also of the conviction that this type of reality happens in smaller groups where people can participate and experience the reality of the Triune God.

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